Themes for events in college

Lectures, study groups, and job fairs all have their place, but college students, especially freshman, are looking for new and authentic ways to connect. Make your on-campus event stand out with these Instagram-worthy event ideas.

Now, the platform encourages campuses to start their own version of the digitally evolved lecture series. Capturing such talks on video makes for powerful, potentially viral social media. For details on how to start a campus TEDx, visit the website.

72 Event Themes to Inspire Your Next Event

Not only does this allow students to support local businesses, it gets them stocked up for the week with easy transport and encourages healthy eating habits and community engagement.

Anyone can make a short movie with the user-friendly digital tools at our disposal today, and college students love their newfound freedom to stay up all hours of the night. Give them the opportunity to create something awesome with that time.

Come up with a list of themes and some basic ground rules on length and subject matter. Themes get handed out based on a lottery, and teams have 24 or 48 hours to complete their film. Pick a day to showcase entries in a theater setting, complete with snacks and awards. Invite them to be that change. Team up with an organization outside of campus to promote and orchestrate a meaningful community event. For instance, clean up a local beach, organize a themed open mike, or raise awareness with a special class where all proceeds go to a cause.

Get inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, or Etsy for the latest crafting trends. Cooking classes keep students healthy and prepare them to start being more self-sufficient. You can count on any college campus to have a plethora of musically inclined students. Offer local bands the chance to perform in a bigger on-campus venue and compete for best-in-show. Sends groups out on an established trail with reliable guides late at night. Send a guide further along and send students one at a time to navigate a short, flat distance of the hike alone.

Need more event ideas? College-friendly cooking classes Cooking classes keep students healthy and prepare them to start being more self-sufficient. Battle of the bands You can count on any college campus to have a plethora of musically inclined students. Was this article helpful? All Rights Reserved.Campuses can be busy places, and amid the constant rush of college events ideas can be hard to come by, especially college events ideas that are original, exciting, and that will keep your organization visible.

If you and your group want to raise awareness about a particular issue, a social issue or otherwise, you have many options. To set your group apart from the rest, select a speaker who has something identifiable that you can market, like an author of a book, a filmmaker, or somebody who is highly involved in a particular community that you can engineer interest in. For instance, if you belong to a music business professional group on campus, you could host a panel discussion among high-profile music bloggers.

Be patient and determined, and keep in close touch with the speakers you have in mind. But not just any movie. Showing movies is pretty run-of-the-mill, so again, be strategic in your selection.

New, controversial, or buzzworthy movies, as well as beloved classics, will logically draw bigger crowds. Film distribution companies are often looking for ways to promote their films, and reaching college students is often a high-priority.

Contact a representative and explore your options. This is a great option if you want to stage an event in a public place. You can reserve a space in your student center where many people will pass by, and set up a walk-through photo or art display by professional artists addressing a specific topic.

So, then, what about raising awareness about your group itself? The following college events ideas can draw big crowds by offering something fun, giving yourself something by which to identify what your group is about. You can save money, too, because the entertainment is completely voluntary. Instead of hiring people, you can offer some sort of prize to the winner, which you might be able to get in-kind for free from a local business. If your school has a dedicated set-up and takedown tech team, often they can take care of the sound system, as well, providing the microphones, stage, and other equipment free of charge to your organization.

Sometimes the fees can be pretty steep, so invite other groups to help you co-sponsor the event. And again, scheduling can be tricky, so plan far in advance. Nothing grabs the attention of your classmates like emerging bleary-eyed from the library to see a full-blown party going on in the quad. If you want to cut costs, find other groups to help sponsor the event. Coordinate with a local non-profit to set up a food drive for canned and non-perishable goods.

Finally, think about your timing. Clothing drives are especially effective at the end of the school year when people are moving out of the dorms and are probably wishing they had a place to discard their unwanted items.

Ditto for books. Book drives can be a great thing to host at the end of each semester when students are unsure of what to do with these huge, heavy textbooks. Coordinate with an organization like Better World Books and collect used textbooks to make a difference. For some great team-building that makes a difference, gather some of your group members to volunteer on a regular basis at a food pantry, meal kitchen, or local non-profit that regularly needs small- to medium-sized groups for help.

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College Events Ideas That Raise Awareness If you and your group want to raise awareness about a particular issue, a social issue or otherwise, you have many options. Invite a speaker—or many speakers To set your group apart from the rest, select a speaker who has something identifiable that you can market, like an author of a book, a filmmaker, or somebody who is highly involved in a particular community that you can engineer interest in.

Show a movie But not just any movie. Host a photo display This is a great option if you want to stage an event in a public place.College is full of sweaty house parties that can be made bearable by one thing and one thing only - a theme.

Getting to dress up in a fun costume for a themed party can make almost any person tolerate being shoulder to shoulder with some drunk guy from your psychology lecture. But, themes can grow tiring when you've gone to about a million Hawaiian and toga parties. There are other themes out there! Here are a few suggestions to make your theme party stand out. What's better than a darty?

A darty where everyone is dressed as lawn flamingos. You don't even have to go all out with this one. Enough people on a lawn with a hot pink shirt on will get the point across. For this party, each different room of the house is decorated in the theme of each of the seven deadly sins therefore, you'll need seven rooms. If seven rooms aren't available just have everyone dress as their favorite sin. Whether it's a member of The Breakfast Club or Ferris Bueller himself, a party of all John Hughes movie characters would be totally rad.

Get decked out in your colonial best to celebrate the OG American party. And, if you can't find a white button-up or tall socks to tuck your pants into, try dressing as the actual tea. Have you ever really wanted to be a dead president, but at the same time give off a little sex appeal? Then this is the party for you! If you've never seen Rick and Morty, you might not get this one. But, you can modify this to be all science related.

You can either pick one decade to rock looks as or have everyone dress up as a different decade. Why wait until you're favorite holiday to dress up? Have everyone dress as their favorite holiday. When you can't think of a good enough theme, so you have everyone dress as their favorite meme.

Fulfill this classic saying and dress as your favorite food. Warning, this party will make you hungry.

themes for events in college

One of the more specific and unorthodox options on this list, but honestly why not at this point? This is the kind of nauti your parents would approve of. Dress in an outfit fit for the sea and party like you're on a yacht. Welcome back. Sign in to comment to your favorite stories, participate in your community and interact with your friends.Tired of the all-black outfit you wear every time you go out?

100 Event Theme Ideas

Are your fave booties torn up from night after night of college parties? Breathe some life into your party looks and the party itself by mixing up the theme! Everyone will have a great time dressing up, and of course, it will provide tons of opportunities for Instagrams. Next time you plan on throwing a party, check out these 20 college party themes that will give you and your friends the opportunity to mix up you Saturday routine and give your black ripped jeans a break for the weekend.

Literally everyone has a favorite Disney character and honestly if they don't, they shouldn't be invited to your party. Have everyone dress up like their favorite mouse, fish, princess, or toy and get the party started, Disney style! The costume choices are literally endless. What you need for a Cruella de Vil costume:.

Host a Grammys afterparty and have everyone dress up like their favorite artist. John Hughes was behind some of the most iconic movies of the 80s, meaning there are a ton of characters to dress up as for a party.

Grab some old white t-shirts and a black light because it's time for a graffiti party! Have your guests come in all white and hand them either neon pant or highlighters at the door.

20 Unique and Fun College Party Themes

Everyone will have a blast drawing on each other while they dance the night away. Bonus: cover the walls in paper so people can draw on those two! Get ready to party like it's the end of the world! Guests can either choose to dress like zombies, or people just trying to stay alive anyway they can. That means lost of fake blood, ripped clothing, and great photo ops.

Celebrate your favorite day with a Save the Date Party. Go with October 3rd and dress up like the Plastics, or celebrate the end of prohibition on Dec 5, and dress up in your favorite flapper gear.They can be a great way for your attendees to get involved and it can be a fun participatory activity in itself, while creating plenty of photo opportunities. Themes can also create a buzz prior to the event as guests discuss how they can interpret the theme, what they are going to go as, what their friends are trying and whether they can do joint costumes which can be great corporate team building.

Regardless of the event type, there is a theme to transform your event, improve user experience and only make the whole thing better. The neon theme has always been popular at raves or music events and it has recently found itself trickling into other event styles. Credit: Decorar Festas. Turning your attendees into school kids and having them dig out their old school uniforms can not only create nostalgia, but also helps to bring people together.

You can have staff dressed as teachers with giant digital blackboard graffiti walls and add quirky seating such as retro school writing desks. An excellent corporate team building idea and a perfect event if you are looking to get attendees involved and problem-solving. This theme can be easily adaptable and if you are on a lower budget, easily represented by the gold and black color palette without any massive props or signage.

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Nothing is out of bounds on the love boat. Using traditional color palettes to honor the history of the destination, this event was thoroughly researched and thought out to protect the culture and represent tradition well. If you want to add a theme or a little fun to your serious event without expecting too much from your attendees, this can be a happy medium that allows them to wear suitable clothes of their choice but still get involved.

Evening events would work well with a space theme with dark color palettes complemented by twinkly lights and stars. You could extend this by adding planets or moons for centerpieces and table layouts, with space being the main theme.That is why you should think about using one of these college party themes to keep everyone entertained:.

Ugly Sweater — Order everyone to find the most obnoxious sweater money can buy. Anything But Clothes — Tell your guests to make an outfit out of garbage bags, newspapers, or duct tape.

5 Corporate Event Ideas To Steal Now

Anything except actual clothes. Bad And Boujee — Have everyone show off their money by wearing their most expensive clothing items. Drop it Like F. Scott — Have a night where you dress up like Gatsby characters. March Madness — Tell everyone to show up in their favorite jersey.

Cool In Middle School — Make everyone wear the old trends that were popular back when they were in middle school. Rome In The Foam — Combine a toga party with a foam party. Derby Days — Have everyone wear the biggest, most ridiculous hat they can find.

Meme — In this day and age, why not have everyone dress up like their favorite meme? Red Carpet — Have everyone dress up as their favorite celebrity.

themes for events in college

What Happens In Vegas — Play poker and get drunk all night long. Glow What You Know — Turn off the lights and pass around glow sticks for everyone to wear. Duck Calls And Overalls — Ask your guests to dress up like they are about to go duck hunting.

Shipwrecked — Make sure all of your guests show up wearing Hawaiian shirts. Rumble In The Jungle — — Have everyone dress up like jungle animals. American Horror Story — Tell everyone to dress up as a character from their favorite season. Fright Night — Have everyone dress up as their biggest fear.

Let Freedom Ring — Make sure your guests show up wearing either red, white, or blue. Seeing Red — Ask everyone to wear red and only serve them red drinks and red foods. Under The Sea — Serve seafood and have your guests dress up as mermaids and sharks and other undersea critters. Graffiti Party — Make sure everyone shows up wearing white and hand out markers they can use to write all over each other. CEOs And Office Hoes — Ask guests to wear an outfit that they would show up to work in except with a little extra leg and cleavage.

Cowboys And Cowgirls — Have everyone dress like they are from the wild west. Construction Night — Ask everyone to wear cutoff t-shirts and hardhats. Spy Next Door — Ask everyone to wear all black, from head to toe. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. That is why you should think about using one of these college party themes to keep everyone entertained: 1. Fiesta — Serve margaritas and Mexican food. Buds With Buds — Pick a night to only serve Budweiser. Jail Break — Dress like a criminal. More From Thought Catalog. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in!When you are entering college life after your high school, it means you are entering in a new world.

College life means new friends, attending lectures and making lots of memories.

themes for events in college

Sometimes, people mass bunk classes to participate in a movie or to hang out with friends. All these processes are part of growing up, a part of entering the adult phase of life, a part of life where you take the first step towards decision making. Apart from studying in college, college days are also fun during the college fest, where you explore the new sides of you and make new friends from other faculties, get to know each other, relax from long lectures.

The college fest is usually of three to four days with several events by the students themselves. Sometimes, celebrities and the well-known band also perform on the final day of the event make it more memorable.

Nowadays many institutes, especially the management colleges, hold this LAN Game in their fest. This could be interesting for the new Gamers. In LAN gaming, you have to compete with other team and beat them for a win.

This can be either in a group or between two players. There are a series of rounds in which the players with the highest score will be the winner. Several institutes can participate either as a team or an individual. LAN gaming sounds interesting for new generations.

Apart from LAN Gaming, Robo games is another event that growing popular in the college fest and events by the new generation. There are several events like Robo War, Rober Soccer, Robo Kadabbi etc, where students from other institution also participate and compete with each other. Students usually made the Robot and its skills are tested against the competition to each other. This is best for students who want to pursue their career in writing, also for all those people who have the hidden talent of poetry writing or recitation.

This is also one of the popular events among students, to showcase their talents. Other institution will also send participants and they compete with each other in the poetry writing and reciting competition.

This will be a most creative event. The face painting competition is also one of the popular and creative events of the college fest. Not only in college, nowadays several schools hold this face competition.

Here the participants are work on different themes and compete with the participants of other institution. There are several themes like horror, fantasy, animal, characters, abstracts among several others to choose from.

A great event and competition to organize for the future programmers where several institutes can come together and compete with the student of other institution. It involves problem-solving and algorithmic thinking of the students. The students will involve in problem-solving or debugging. The students participating in the competition will be given time to solve the maximum errors in limited time. Students have to show their marketing skills in these events.

Specially designed for business students. Here all the participant will be given a certain number of the particular product to sell at a certain price and they have to sell them to the random people or guests or convince them to buy the product. At the end of a certain time period, the sales will be calculated and the winner will be decided. This is innovative as well as make student ready for a career.

themes for events in college

Here all the participants will be given a few lines and they have to form a whole story of around to words. The genre can be different, from same lines the story can be horror, romance, comedy and tragedy and the judge will decide whose story has created an impact on the mind.

Regardless of stream, any students with the enthusiast in reading and writing can participate in this competition. Here the students will have to make one short film based on social issues or issues which have an impact on society or giving a social message.

Here the other institute can compete with each other.


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